Durban & Lesotho photos

Bunny Chow from a restaurant on North Beach

Breakfast buffet at the Hilton

June is the dead of winter in South Africa and we had the beaches to ourselves.

A nice looking Taiwanese Rat Snake at uShaka Marnine World

North Beach, Durban

Catching a wave on the Indian Ocean, North Beach, Durban

I looked forward to seeing and chatting with my new good friend, Bo, at the end of each day!

Lots of roots, grains, and seeds!  Fantastic food was plentiful.

Day trip to Lesotho:

Country homes, en route to Lesotho.

Cows wandering on and across the highways... the usual

A market we stopped at, where we picked up some food/gifts for the Lesotho border patrol and for some of the people we visited.
Approaching Sani Pass and Lesotho

First wild baboon sighting!

While I was scampering around capturing baboon photos, I began to notice a loud "BAH, BAH" sound coming from the bushes.  Turned out to be a large male baboon.  I decided it might be a good idea to hop back in the truck.

Leaving South Africa

Lesotho immigration office/border crossing

Stone Lodge


We briefly met with this family.  They seemed happy to have visitors, I gave them some Clif Bars and some clothing (temps were in the 30's).

This would be all of the Sesotho we learned.

This woman offered us some fantastic, warm bread and sold us some nice hand made goods.

Highest pub in Africa?  ~9,500 ft.

Cute little African Ice Rat

Cute little African Ice Rat hunter

African Snow/Ice

It was burn season and the air quality was pretty bad (I was nervous about how it would impact my Comrades run)

more cows

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