Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Folsom South Side Trail Race - 21 Mile

Saturday - I picked up a cold/fever in Louisiana during a memorable (and a touch disappointing) trip to Super Bowl XLVII and didn't run a step for 8 days.  Despite still being in the uncomfortable grip of whatever sickness was upon me, I was itching to get back on track with my 100k training.  I ignored my better judgement, drug myself out of bed, and drove a few miles to the start of the Folsom South Side Trail Race, where I signed up, on race day, for the 21 Mile event.  The run was tough, but manageable and I'm glad I did it.  I feel that I ran 1-2 minutes/mile slower than I would have, at my current fitness, when healthy.  ~21 miles.  +2,438 ft.

Weekly Totals: 21 Miles, +2,438 ft.

Gordy owes me one for letting him know he left his headlights on before the race.

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