Sunday, March 3, 2013

Way Too Cool 50k taper week + dog park and a local 5k

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - Headed out after work with Lucy.  Legs felt pretty good today.  4.3 miles + 407 ft. 

Wednesday - Went for a lunch run on a gorgeous day.  Ran from the parking lot at work down Iron Pt. and onto the American River trail.  The run felt easy and lunch tasted good after.  6.1 miles + 403 ft.

Oh, unplanned action occurred today.  Signed up for the LA Marathon.

Thursday - I enjoyed another late morning run today.  It's really starting to feel like spring out there.  Ran up Prairie City Rd. to the trail, across Auburn Folsom to the American River trail, and back to work on Iron Pt.  6.14 miles + 208 ft.

Friday - rest day, puppy sitting for the weekend!

Saturday - This morning I was planning on running to a pickup sand volleyball game when I heard of the "2nd Annual Yes We Can! 5k Beer Run for Hunger".  It sounded fun, was for a good cause, and a bunch of my Folsom Trail Runner friends were doing it, so I decided to run to the 5k, then run to volleyball.  They asked that 5k participants bring, and run with, two cans of food.  So, I dug up a couple of cans of beans, ran to Whole Foods, met up with some friends and enjoyed the run!  It was a fun group of 50-60 people.  About 8 of us led the pack up the hill to Cavitt Rd. and began the loop back around to the finish, where donation barrels were setup.  It was nice to ditch the cans after ~5 miles running with them.  The event was un-timed, and was not a race, but I came in 4th in about 23 mins flat.  A couple guys tied for first a couple minutes ahead, turned out to be a nice tempo run with a great group of people.

I hung out at the finish for a bit then hopped into Whole Foods for a coconut water (for now) and a protein drink (for later) and jogged off to the volleyball courts.  We had about 12 show up and played for about 3 hours.  Nice day!  three part run: 8.42 miles +256 ft. (one, two, three)

Sunday - Ran easy down the paved trail and onto the Parkway Trails and back.  Enjoyed warm temps and a refreshing rain shower.  9.14 miles +482 ft.

Weekly Totals: 34.12 miles + 1765 ft.

I'm feeling a little nervous for my next two weeks of running, which include my second Way Too Cool 50k and my first LA Marathon.  Last year, I was running significantly higher mileage heading into the WTC 50k and I feel like was in better shape.  I'll need to take it easy, enjoy the courses, and remind myself that these are training runs for my goal race this year, the inaugural Gold Rush 100k.

Pics from the week:
Heading to the dog park!

Lucy, finishing of her dog park outing.

We're puppy sitting 5 month old Zuka for the weekend. :)

Pre "Yes We Can" 5k

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