Monday, August 19, 2013

Still feeling under-trained, more Ralston Peak.

Monday -  Had another flag football game during "lunch" (technically speaking, I had lunch after the flag football game).  Ran a ~1.5 mile warm-up.

Tuesday - Took Lucy for a brisk (16 min/mile) 4 mile walk.

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - rest day

Friday - Another speedy 4 mile walk with Lucy

Saturday - Easy 3.75 mile run w/ Lucy.  Then drove to San Jose for a super fun birthday party.  Am I really still thinking about running this 50k next weekend?

Sunday -  Ever since I discovered (last week) what a nice trail Ralston Peak has, I've been wanting to go back.  I decided I'd investigate my 50k fitness (or lack thereof) by hitting the summit again.  Lucy and I arrived at the trail head one hour after leaving the house.  I was a little concerned about whether or not we'd get to the top before any thunderstorms came in, since they were forecast, I saw lightening in the Sierra on the previous evening, and clouds were beginning to form overhead.  Lucy and I made the summit in about an hour and 10 minutes, and made it back down in about a half hour, making for a ~2:16 up and back trip (I spent a half hour or so chatting with some nice folks on the summit).  It was another gorgeous day on the trails!  Just a few minutes after we left the summit, I started to hear rumbling thunder, literally just as we reached the car, it started to rain.

On my way home, I pulled off at the Fresh Pond exit and chatted with a bunch of friends who had run (or were still running) the Run on the Sly race.  Great job to everyone who raced, it was a hot and fairly humid day!

Lucy did not forget about her favorite spot, located about 2 miles out on the Ralston Peak trail.

Lucy is a master of the Talus.

I've only been up here twice, but I'd venture to say that it is always awesome on the summit.
Lucy, getting ready to dirty up her new truck.

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