Thursday, September 19, 2013

More books please.

Monday - Sunday's run left me feeling a little achy, so I contemplated skipping today's run.  However, I was feeling pretty fresh after work and went out for a 3 mile run with Lucy.  Felt great after.

Tuesday - Went out for a 7 mile run with Lucy and wound up running ~8.5 miles.  I maintained a comfortable pace and the run felt fairly easy.  I finished up listening to The Dead, by James Joyce and started listening to The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

Wednesday - 6.25 mile run.  I only had 3 miles on my training schedule, but I've been enjoying listening to books and I was thinking about the looming time change, which will leave me to run in the dark after work, for a few months.  I decided to head out to run on my favorite local (easily reachable from my doorstep) trail, which is always at its best during a good sunset.  Additionally, I thought to myself "it's tarantula season, maybe I'll get lucky".  I was not disappointed on either front (sunset or tarantula)!  I wound up with a photograph that is currently being matted and framed in a ~20" x 30" frame and I got to pet and hold, not one, but TWO tarantulas!  Note: don't hold tarantulas, they're very fragile and can be easily harmed, they'd probably appreciate it if you just leave them the hell alone.  I just couldn't resist!  Oh, and I knocked out a couple more chapters of The Hunger Games.

Thursday -  Hit up a local middle school for 5 x 800 m repeats with 400 m recovery jogs + a little warm-up and cool-down.  6.63 miles total.  I ran the 800's in 3:16-3:30 (avg ~6:45 min/mile pace maybe).

Friday - Rest day.

Saturday -  Ran 9 miles with 7 miles at my GMP (goal marathon pace - 8:30 min/mile).  The workout felt tough, particularly the last couple of GMP miles.

Sunday -  10.5 miles.

Weekly Totals: 43.74 miles; +2,717 ft.

Beautiful sunset!

Beautiful creature!

 He (I'm confident it was a male, at age ~7, they go out exploring for a partner during fall evenings) was very gentle and timid, hiding under my hand instead of walking across it.

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