Monday, April 29, 2013

Starting my Gold Rush 100k taper.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - Easy 5k run with Lucy.

Wednesday - Wanting to get one more long run in before the Gold Rush 100k, and feeling that the weekend's 16 on the Miwok trail came up a little short, I decided to run my first solo marathon this morning. Woke up at 4:45 am and was off and running by 5:15.  I ran down Iron Pt. Rd to the American River Trail, did a partial Lake Natoma loop (which included an out-and-back of a few miles as I ran into my friend Stephen and decided to log a few with him), then headed up and over Folsom Lake Crossing and back onto the Parkway trails.  I ate one Hammer Gel and a Honey Stinger Waffle along the way.  The days have been warm lately and I was certainly starting to feel the heat coming on during the 2nd (uphill) half of the run.  I took it easy and averaged a ~10:30/mile pace.  26.61 miles; +1,115ft.

Thursday - Easy 3.5 mile run.

Friday - rest day

Saturday - I'm starting to accept the fact that it's going to be HOT on May 11th.  There is still time for heat training to have a meaningful impact.  Went out for 10.7 miles; 1,500 ft. at 2:40 pm on a route with no shade.  90 degrees.

Sunday - A little more heat training.  Ran 7.5 miles at 4:30 pm.  92 degrees.  Saw three rattlesnakes in a 1/2 mile stretch!

Weekly Totals: 51.31 miles; 3,560 ft.

Lucy, waiting patiently as we drive to the lake.

Puppy sat this week, Lucy and Zeus.  Trail hounds.

This guy was camo'd up pretty well.

Sun bathing.

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