Monday, May 6, 2013

Gold Rush 100k taper, part 2

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - Trying to run during the hottest part of the day this week.  Today, 5 k w/ Lucy ~90 degrees.

Wednesday - 6 mile run.

Thursday - 5 k run.  Finished listening to The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Friday - Rest day, drove up to South Lake Tahoe after work, figured I might as well get in ~2.5 days worth of altitude training.

Saturday - Ran 8 miles in the mountains, south of Freel Peak.  Average elevation was ~8,750 ft.  I enjoyed a really great day on the trails with Lucy.  We successfully lodged my truck into some snow that covered the dirt access road we were out on.  Lucky for us, after ~30 minutes of digging by hand, we came across some hikers who had a small shovel.  After another 30 minutes or so, we were free!  I backed a couple hundred yards back down the trail, parked, and Lucy and I got on with our run.  Plenty of trail, off-trail, snowy, post-holing, creek-crossing fun was had!

Sunday - Ran an easy 5k on the Pacific Crest Trail, starting near Echo Summit, towards Carson Pass.  Averaged maybe 7,400 ft.

Weekly Totals: 23.1 miles;  2,577 ft.

Who would've thought my truck wouldn't make it through... :|

As usual, Lucy is most comfortable running with a large branch.

Thunderstorms on the prowl (I had extra layers in my pack).

OUCH, post-holed into some branches.

Lucy had trouble staying afloat at times too.

I was in right behind her, after the snow-bank collapsed when I tried to jump across.
Freel Peak and Job's Sister in the background.
Heading back out towards Luther Pass (HWY 89).

Lucy (bottom right), charging the stream on the PCT.


erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

Your brother-in-law Eric told me about your blog! I went to high school with Candace =) I am an aspiring runner and have been enjoying reading your blog. I've recently been slightly obsessed with reading about ultra-runners so Eric suggested I read your blog. Thanks for sharing your stories! Looking forward to reading about your 100k. Have a great race!

GoPaulGo said...

Hi Erin, I just saw your comment. Thanks for enjoying my blog! :)
I'm way behind on updating it, but I'll make sure to get a Gold Rush 100k recap up. Quick recap: it was a long HOT day, only ~1/3 of the entrants finished, and I am SUPER HAPPY to be one of them! :)