Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

07/01/2013 - 07/03/2013
Monday - Wednesday:
I took a couple of rest days after 42 miles and ~13 hours of pacing at Western States before driving down to SoCal to visit my sister & family for the holiday weekend.

Thursday - Gathered up my Dad, Candace, and Lucy, then enjoyed an easy jog to the park where we enjoyed a little interval workout on a large swath of grass.  4 x 170 m for Candace and Dad, ~6 x 170 m for Lucy (who had to be restrained, to prevent her from overheating on the warm day), and 12 x 170 m for myself.  The workout felt great and everybody enjoyed it, hit the pool after!

Lucy couldn't get enough of jumping in the pool!

Friday - Beach day!  Boogie boarding + hanging out at Oceanside.
Beach fires = A+

Saturday - Road trip! Left Wildomar at ~11:30 AM.  Reached Badwater, Death Valley at ~4:45 PM, where I enjoyed a casual 1.25 mile jog in 122 degree heat.  We kept the car running throughout our desert journey, as to not cook our dog.  Kept on rolling all the way to Carson City, where we checked into a Quality Inn at 2:30 AM.

Badwater, Death Valley. 122 F, looking good for a quick run.

Yellow Headed Blackbirds.  They looked hot to me.

Scorching hot wind, blowing sand.

Scorching hot wind, blowing sand.

Lucy was happy to get some dinner in the shade as we made the climb out of Death Valley.

Sunday - Woke up around 11 am and started exploring.  We ended up cruising around Hope Valley and the Carson Pass area, winding up in the vicinity of (and eventually in) Blue Lakes, where we did some hiking, scrambling, and running with Lucy.  Fantastic weekend!

The Bison Fire, blazing away, northeast of Gardnerville, NV.
Weekly Totals:  6.47 miles;  +965 ft.

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