Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Western States 100 training, Jed Smith 50k, do not stand still, etc.

     The surreality that comes with being a member of the 2016 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run's entrant list is upon me, as is training season.  Race day is a mere 129 days (4 months, 8 days) away.  The seven weeks of training I have completed thus far accounts for nearly 25% of my planned training for the race.  I'm happy to report that to date, all is going well.

**** My small donkey, Burrito, finally has a friend! ****

     My plan of building base miles while training for the 2015 CIM and taking a running break for the rest of December seems to have set me up nicely to hop into my WS100 training.  After running CIM on December 6th, I proceeded to rack up mayyybe 20 miles during the rest of the month.  By the ringing of the new year, I bursting with the desire to hit the trails and run far.

     My training officially kicked off on January 5th and has sent me on a journey of 276 miles while climbing more than 34,000 ft (2016 running totals to date):

     Multiple trips to the mountains, a new personal best at the Jed Smith 50k, a herd of two small donkeys, dogs, baby, family, friends, and miles; oh, and I met and ran with Eric Byrnes, Lance Armstrong, and American 100 mile record holder, Zach Bitter!   What else could one ask for?  Let's take a gander at some highlights!!

Michigan Bluff to "The Pump" and back:

Hiking with Tyler & Lucy:

Skiing with Dad:

AnotherMichigan Bluff to the pump+ & back!:

Max, the good cow:

Memorable sunrises:

More hiking with Tyler & Lucy:


Water is officially back in our lives!:

Mountains and snow!:

Trails with Lucy!:

Jed Smith 50k, new PR (5:25:03):

Castle Peak!  Open year round:

My adventurous trail companion:

Western States 22 mile training day... with Eric Byrnes and Lance Armstrong??:

Logging some miles with Eric Byrnes during is 40 mile 40th bday run!

Logging some miles with Eric Byrnes during is 40 mile 40th bday run!

Love is in the air:

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy:

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