Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How do you train for something like the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run?

     How do you train for something like the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run?  Wait, you have an newborn son named Tyler?  Seriously, how do you train for something like the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run?  That's a question I've been asked quite a few times.  For me it will look something like this (see below).  I've looked into hiring a coach and would really like to do that, but had a hard time with availability (of the coach I wanted, not myself), prohibitive costs, and coaching style (I was worried about getting a 'canned' training plan, without enough personal attention).

Future 100 mile runner?
Tyler, enjoying his first WS100 lottery!
     As it stands, I plan to go it alone, using what I have learned about running so far, along with what I will learn along the way from various Western States 100 veterans, to get me to the starting line.  I will likely stray from this plan a bit, most likely with longer runs on various Saturdays and/or Sundays and by running tempo or speed workouts occasionally, during the week

     In addition to simply logging the mileage, outlined below, getting adequate sleep and being present (as well as aware and available!) to my new bouncing baby boy will be of the utmost importance.  The plan is to complete mid-week runs EARLY, so I can be back to help baby and momma get ready for the day.  I'm fortunate to have a gym at work, so I can knock out strength/cross-training sessions during the day.  Weekends will be tough, as there is no substitute for the long run.  I'll do my best to get back home ASAP and am fortunate to have a loving and supporting wife and family (it'll all be over in 6 months!!!).  I do plan to use a handful of vacation days on Fridays, which will allowing me to get in some long training runs in during a time that I would typically be away.

  I'm excited to start training and look forward to another year of racing and spending time on the trails with friends!  I'll be logging my miles as I go here:  Paul's 2016 Western States Training Log  Feel free to follow along!

01/04 - 01/10x-train53 + x-train5rest8526
01/11 - 01/17x-train75 + x-train7rest12637
01/18 - 01/24x-train76 + x-train7rest14640
01/25 - 01/31x-train86 + x-train8rest16644
02/01 - 02/07x-train75 + x-train5restJed Smith 50krest48
02/08 - 02/14x-train86 + x-train8restWS TR - 20446
02/15 - 02/21x-train86 + x-train5restFOURmidable 50k350
02/22 - 02/28x-train106 + x-train8rest141048
02/29 - 03/06x-train85 + x-train7restWay Too Cool 50k657
03/07 - 03/13x-train106 + x-train8rest201256
03/14 - 03/20x-train126 + x-train10rest161458
03/21 - 03/27x-train146 + x-train8rest241062
03/28 - 04/03x-train106 + x-train8rest161050
04/04 - 04/10x-train86 + x-train4restLake Sonoma 50Mrest68
04/11 - 04/17x-train106 + x-train4rest50k?rest51
04/18 - 04/24x-train86 + x-train10rest161050
04/25 - 05/01x-train126 + x-train10rest241264
05/02 - 05/08x-train126 + x-train10restCanyons 50k?59
05/09 - 05/15x-train106 + x-train12rest40-501078-88
05/16 - 05/22x-train106 + x-train4rest18?38
05/23 - 05/29x-train56 + x-train10restWS TR - 32WS TR - 1972
05/30 - 06/05WS TR - 20rest88x-train141060
06/06 - 06/12x-train10610rest20551
06/13 - 06/19rest858rest10536
06/20 - 06/265rest4rest2WS 100111

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